Legislative Action

Taking Action, Together

From local elections to lobbying at Capital Hill, Teamsters’ legislative and political programs take on the challenge to fight for the working people at every level of government. That’s why the Government Affairs Department educates, mobilizes and equips our members, uniting them as activists and rallying together as one voice to make a difference in the future of the working class.

Through legislative and state programs, Teamsters have made themselves heard.

Legislative Program

The voice of Teamsters echoes through the halls of the United States Senate and House of Representatives with our legislative program. Our representatives collaborate with allied organizations, including the AFL-CIO and other unions, to bring attention to the issues that matter. Through active involvement of Local union and Joint Council Leadership, we reach members of congress and spark the change we’re fighting for as an organization.

State Program

Start at the state level. The International Brotherhood of Teamsters Government Affairs State Program communicates and advances the goals of the Teamster membership through state focused legislative and political efforts coordinated within our Union, making change happen on a more local and immediate level. WIth a field staff of State Government Affairs Coordinators working together with Joint Councils and Local Union leadership, our state program supports existing legislations and creates opportunities for new ones that benefit our organization and our members into the future.