Knowledge is Power

Your contract is the key that provides you and your union the protection and security you deserve. As the essential document, the contract is the written agreement between the union and the employer that spells out the responsibilities, benefits and rights of both the members and management – so each side understands their roles.

We work with members to fight for the best contracts possible, because together we’re more powerful and get the work done. Contracts start with you. Members negotiate on the terms and proposals and finalize together before coming to a full agreement, ensuring the union receives everything they deserve.

It’s guaranteed. Once signed and agreed to, management cannot change the contract without negotiating with the union first, so you know you’re protected.

Understanding your contract, and the power behind it, helps prepare you for whatever comes next. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your contract, or a possible violation of it by management, you have a team behind you to help you get what’s fair and what’s right.

Contact your Shop Steward or Agent for guidance and support.
Contract language may include benefits information such as:
  • Pay rates
  • Raises
  • Health coverage
  • Vacations
  • Pension
Rights such as:
  • Fair treatment
  • Protection against wrongful or unfair termination
  • Discrimination
  • Job security
  • Harassment
  • And more…