Membership Advantages

Be A Part of Something Bigger

When you’re a member of Teamsters 952, you have more than 70 years of experience, over 1 million working people and a powerful labor union on your side. We know there is strength in numbers. Using our collective voice, we work together to get you and your coworkers the treatment and respect you deserve. Becoming a member of Teamsters is the first step. Take advantage of all Teamsters have to offer and visit the IBT website to understand the many benefits and opportunities available.

As a Teamsters member you have a team negotiating vital contracts on your behalf. We unite to get members competitive wages, benefits such as health and welfare, pensions and more. Benefits don’t stop at what’s expected. It’s not only about you, but your family too. That’s why we offer additional benefits and bonuses to support the families in our communities. From discounted or free services to scholarship opportunities, Teamsters works to open doors for you and your family.

What Goes In A Contract?

There are many details incorporated into a labor-management agreement including: