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Sep 18, 2007


Democrat Republican Independent Voter Education - or DRIVE - is the political arm of the Teamsters' Government Affairs Department. Backed by one of the nation's largest Political Action Committees, the DRIVE program has the resources to effectively support candidates who back Teamster priorities and oppose those who work against us. A dedicated field staff works year-round, visiting worksites, talking with members one-on-one about the issues, and encouraging Teamster members to support the DRIVE PAC with financial contributions.

Big Business spends big money in Washington to influence members of Congress and push their anti-worker plans. They outspend working families on politics by more than 15-1.

Through grassroots political action and aggressive lobbying on Capitol Hill and in State Houses and City Halls across America, Teamsters have stopped some of the worst attacks on working people.

But Big Business is pushing their agenda harder than ever. That means we have to fight back stronger than ever. And we have to move forward with our own programs, like improving job safety, fighting for affordable childcare, and stopping abuses by corporate health providers and insurance companies.

You can take a stand for working families by contributing to DRIVE – the Teamsters’ political action committee. Your contribution will support grassroots action by Teamster families to stand up to Big Business interests.

And your membership to DRIVE will help elect political candidates who care about working people.

Contributions to DRIVE support a wide range of Teamster activities:

Keeping members and their families informed on the key issues that affect our future, including voter guides that show the records of our Senators and Representatives in Congress.

Rallies, news conferences, advertisements, and phone banks to build support on issues of concern to working people.

Voter registration, and financial support for political candidates who will stand up for working families. DRIVE is non-partisan and independent from any political

CLICK HERE to download DRIVE fliers on important issues.

To learn more about DRIVE and how you can contribute: .

Watch what General President James P. Hoffa has to say about DRIVE.




Oct 03, 2007

                                               CHANGE TO WIN


Seven unions and six million workers united in Change to Win in 2005 to build a new movement of working people equipped to meet the challenges of the global economy and restore the American Dream in the 21st century: a paycheck that can support a family, affordable health care, a secure retirement and dignity on the job.

Check out the Change to Win web site to learn more about the campaingns and issues.

Sep 18, 2007

Teamsters have legal rights designed to protect them. Members should arm themselves with a working knowledge of their specific contract, as well as the legal rights mentioned below.

The rights of unionized employees to have present a union representative during investigatory interviews were announced by the U.S. Supreme Court in a 1975 case (NLRB vs. Weingarten, Inc. 420 U.S. 251, 88 LRRM 2689). These rights have become known as the Weingarten rights.
Employees have Weingarten rights only during investigatory interviews. An investigatory interview occurs when a supervisor questions an employee to obtain information which could be used as a basis for discipline or asks an employee to defend his or her conduct.
If an employee has a reasonable belief that discipline or other adverse consequences may result from what he or she says, the employee has the right to request union representation.
Management is not required to inform the employee of his/her Weingarten rights; it is the employee's responsibility to know and request.
When the employee makes the request for a union representative to be present, management has three options: 

1. They can stop questioning until the representative arrives;
2. They can call off the interview; or
3. They can tell the employee that it will call off the interview unless the employee voluntarily gives up his/her rights to a union representative (an option the employee should always refuse.)                                

Employers will often assert that the only role of a union representative in an investigatory interview is to observe the discussion. The Supreme Court, however, clearly acknowledges a representative's right to assist and counsel workers during the interview. The Supreme Court has also ruled that during an investigatory interview management must inform the union representative of the subject of the interrogation. The representative must also be allowed to speak privately with the employee before the interview. During the questioning, the representative can interrupt to clarify a question or to object to confusing or intimidating tactics. While the interview is in progress the representative can not tell the employee what to say but he may advise them on how to answer a question. At the end of the interview the union representative can add information to support the employee's case.  

Disclaimer: This website contains current developments and issues which may be of interest or useful to Unions and Union Members. Although every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, the information and recommendations herein are general in nature and should not be relied or acted upon without contacting the appropriate Teamster Local Union, Trust or State/Federal Agency or seeking legal counsel. This web site is an informational resource only and is not responsible for the content of any linked website.

Sep 18, 2007



From the Ballot Box to Capitol Hill

Today Teamsters and other working Americans face unprecedented challenges, as well as opportunities, at every level of government. More than ever, the success of the Teamsters' legislative and political programs will depend upon the direct involvement of Teamster members.

The Government Affairs Department is committed to educating, mobilizing, and equipping our members to become an army of activists so that—from the halls of Congress to the ballot box—the Teamsters will speak with a unified and overwhelming voice

Legislative Program

The Legislative Program ensures that the Teamsters have a voice in the halls of the United States Senate and House of Representatives. Teamster priorities are monitored and promoted daily by a core staff of legislative representatives who often work in coalition with allied organizations, including the AFL-CIO and other unions. The program also relies on the active involvement of Local Union and Joint Council leadership, as well as rank-and-file members, to reach Members of Congress, educate them on our issues and deliver the message that they will be held accountable for their actions on Teamster issues.

State Program

The purpose of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Government Affairs State Program is to communicate and advance the goals of the Teamster membership through state focused legislative and political efforts coordinated within our Union. The program enlists a field staff of State Government Affairs Coordinators who are each assigned a region of the country, working with Joint Councils and Local Union leadership to support existing legislative and political programs, as well as implementing new programs where none currently exists.

Sep 18, 2007

The White House

Wide variety of news, information, and history 


Links to Senator web sites, senate activity 

U.S. House of Representatives

House Directory and Operations 

Vote Smart

Candidates, Issues, and More 

Thomas:Legislative Information

Provided by the Library of Congress
Legislative information; Congressional Record

Sep 17, 2007

 California State Assembly

 **Information, Schedules, Contacts for California senators


California Teamsters Public Affairs Council

*Resource guide for political coordinators including news and calendar

1127 11th St., Ste. 501
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 446-0291
(916) 446-9321 FAX


 California State Assembly

*Information on current assembly activity, contacts


Official California Legislative Information

*Search California law, and review assembly and senate bills



Sep 18, 2007

State of California


U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commision


(FMLA)The Family and Medical Leave Act

Sep 18, 2007


OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)

*Programs, guidelines, inspection data



*News, Decisions, Archived information


Job Accommodation Network

Information about job accommodations,
the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the
employability of people with disabilities


California Public Employees' Retirement System

Retirement planning tools, FAQ's, News




                           American Disability Act


Statute, Regulations, and Other Assistance Documents


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