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February 2015
Updated On: Apr 06, 2015

Secretary-Treasurer Patrick D. Kelly:  The merger of Albertsons and Safeway has been ok’d by the Federal Trade Commission. There are many stores in Southern California that are going to be taken over by Haggen. The sourcing of the groceries is going to be done by Unified Grocers. It is not clear yet who is going to be doing the delivery to the Haggen stores. The Teamsters are having some discussions with respect to getting a union carrier to do the delivery. This has not been straightened out yet and there is also a problem with the produce and vegetable portion of the sourcing. At this time it looks as though there is going to be over 100 Albertsons members laid off. The announcement of what distribution centers are going to remain in operation has not been made. There are many issues with respect to seniority and transfer of work that have to be worked out between the affected locals and the employers. As we get more specific information on the impact of the divestiture we will notify the members.

The collective bargaining agreements with Coke and Pepsi are expiring in April. Negotiations have already begun and are going to be difficult and thorough. If you work for either of these employers don’t go out and buy a new truck right now. We hope to resolve both of these contracts without labor disputes. If you have particular questions talk to your stewards or business representative.

With the anti-union activities and posturing by right wing politicians, particularly in the mid-west but as close as New Mexico we need to step up our participation in DRIVE and intensify our political action. Recently we have seen the state of Texas try to poach jobs out of Southern California specifically with Farmer Brothers. We need to close ranks and resist this job poaching by a right to work low wage and benefit state in collaboration with an opportunistic Employer.

The Pacific Maritime Association seems to be doing everything they can to stimulate a work stoppage by the ILWU. They are trying to sabotage negotiations according to the ILWU leadership. The parties have been negotiating for nine months. We hope they get a satisfactory deal so that the Teamsters can intensify the efforts to organize the Port drivers. There has been progress in the ports with respect to the misclassification issue and a couple more employers have recognized the Union and are actually hiring and expanding their workforce. 

There is a lot of organizing activity throughout the U.S. in the trucking sector particularly with Con-way and FedEx Freight. There is also some activity here in Southern California with these employers as well as other trucking employers specifically the YRCW subsidiary USF Reddaway. If you want to get involved in helping the Union organize contact your business representative and they will get the information to our organizers. Remember: Don’t Mourn, Organize!

President  & Business Representative Donna Metcalfe: OCTA: In January, a representative from PENSA Health Management visited each base to inform operators about STAT Doctors. She also signed up interested individuals. A raffle was conducted afterwards and one operator from each base won a tablet. In March, this representative along with a representative from Labor Alliance Managed Trust, and WCTPT (“Teamster pension”) will be visiting each base again and a raffle will be conducted afterwards. Stay tuned for additional information. Durham School Services: There has been a flurry of activity due to a recent change in management. We are working to help make some improvements. Already some positive changes have occurred. A main point of focus coming up will be the trip rotation. We’d like to simplify the process and bring greater transparency. 

Recording Secretary & Business Representative Grant Maertz: UPS: The promotion into full time package car driving jobs has started in almost every package center with more on the way.  Cover and Air driving jobs will be soon to follow. These are great opportunities and will open the door for part timers. It’s very important to sign up or update the necessary jobs lists!  In feeder we are hoping to have the bids reviewed and posted soon. Bimbo: The surveys for proposals on the upcoming contract negotiations are out so please take the time to fill them out and get them back to me ASAP.  It’s imperative that we get your input on this very important process.

Business Representative Norma Lopez: Disneyland: Negotiations continue to move forward.  Please see your stewards Jim Hauk or Jeff Garcia for updates. Kraft Foods: There will be a meeting at the union hall on Sunday, March 1st at 9 AM. Habra una junta el Domingo 1 de marzo a las 9 de la manana para los emplados de Kraft foods.

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